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Zahnarzt Planet platform propose a different approach of clients than any other dental clinic in Germany. Here, even a person without medical coverage and assurance can have their problems solved by creating a contract with them,
The battle in order to receive this permission has been tough, but in the end all the effort was paid back, in terms of the feedback provided by previous clients, that highly appreciated the services provided to them.

Having such a huge potential of operations to be performed is mainly due to 2 reasons:

- The staff accredited to perform surgeries and pre/post operation processes are from the top specialized person’s in their domain of activity
- All the adjacent staff involved in preparation and support during a surgery is very well trained at reputable dental universities
- The equipments involved in surgeries are from the top brands, being tested and named functionally by the Germany National Authority of Medical Equipment Evaluation
- All the materials needed during the operation process are created in their own laboratory by dental specialist engineers, thus avoiding

In order to stay in touch with the latest developments in terms of dental activity, a research department has been created inside the clinic’s building.
There, medical engineers work on gained research programs funded from the national fund of research. The specialists try every day new techniques that may become worldwide used in the near future, in terms of dental implants and tooth trauma.
Various experiments are performed on mannequins in order to have a higher flexibility. After the procedure is completed, a series of analysis are performed to see the consequences that this action had to the mannequin oral configuration and the eventual side effects that may occur.
For any further information that may be a point of interest for you, please call at the Call Center department of Zahnarzt Planet.

Research Department