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Contact – Zahnarzt Planet

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To find out the operations and surgeries that can be performed at Zahnarzt Planet, you have these options:
• Call to Call Center and ask about your problem (an appointment will be established)
• Go to www.zahnarzt-palnet.com and read about the performed surgeries
• Reach Zahnarzt Planet location and go to the Customer Care department
• Download and install the official Zahnarzt Planet Dental Clinic app
The location of the clinic is located in Berlin, Germany, but it provides services to any person who attends them. Their collaboration with foreign customers is assured by a special department created which monitories the patient’s assurance service and is able to make an offer of assurance renewal.


Zahnarzt Planet


98 Rudolstadter Str. 10713
Berlin, Germany


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+49-30 643 27286


+49-30 643 27287



Download the Official Mobile App

Stay updated at every moment about the situation of your dental clinic. By downloading the Zahnarzt Planet Dental Clinic app you are able to perform various tasks straight from your bed. The application is available to be downloaded from the following stores, depending on your phone’s operating system:

Android – Google Play

Apple – App Store

Windows Phone – Windows Store

With the help of this amazing application, you are able to make your appointment to your dentist directly from your room. Enter the Appointments option from the Main Menu and create your own appointment by introducing the required information in the form.
Select an available time frame and submit your proposal. After you have sent it, a confirmation email will be send to your address.
Also, on the mobile version of www.zahnarzt-planet.com, you can read all the scientific releases in dental and oral hygiene fields at the News Feed option in the Main Menu.
By using this application you are also able to read about the staff at Zahnarzt Planet and see their availability in order to proceed creating an appointment, as well as about the main surgery techniques that are performed.

Newsletter Subscription

A very useful tool to be used nowadays is the email. Precious information can be found them, even if more than 80% on the received emails are spams.
In order to subscribe to Zahnarzt Planet newsletter you just have to enter your email address in the required field and click the Submit button.
You will receive monthly emails containing information regarding the new equipments available and the new surgery technologies that the dental specialists are accredited to perform.
In this way, you can stay updated with the improvements and developments of your clinic and have knowledge about solving an unfortunately emergency.
I highly recommend making your operation at this clinic as the previous customer experiences were excellent, the quality of the equipments are on a very high standard and the dental specialists qualification is very strong and worldwide recognized.