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Examining the Impact of Pokémon Go Account Sale

As Pokémon Go users go around their town in search of Pokémon’s, movie theaters, restaurants, local stores and other businesses are making most of this opportunity, by engaging in Pokemon Go account sale, thus driving a lot of conversions and foot traffic both with creative marketing campaigns and in-app purchases.

In order to begin turning the game enthusiasts that are in your locality to your new customer, you need to have some background knowledge on how the game is being played. Here is how to play the Pokémon Go:

  1. Find Out if Your Business Is a PokeStop or Gym

One the factors that make Pokémon Go unique from other games is that it does not keep people within their comfort zone. The game runs off an amplified reality HUD, or perhaps what is known as a Heads-up display, of the actual world. The avatar of players go around with them as they collect rewards from PokeStops, Catch Pokémon, battle other Pokémon Go users at Gyms and collaborate for the defense of their territories.

Finding out if your business is a Gym or a PokeStop is more like the first thing you should do. Gyms and PokeStops attract foot traffic with little or no effort at all, players tend to flock Gyms and PokeStops to gain rewards and battle other users. The potentials of Gyms and PokeStops can be maximized if only you have more knowledge on how to.

In actual sense, there is no official Niantic map that lists all the Gym and PokeStop locations, one of the ways of making sure is by using an online map that was created far back as three years ago for the game “Ingress”. It was developed by Niantic; it maps out virtually 1:1 with Pokémon Go’s Gyms and PokeStops.

  1. Sit Back, Throw Down a Lure, and Enjoy the Show

Pokemon Goo offers a variety of in-app purchases, one that is important for your business is Lures. Lures tend to increase the rate of Pokemon generation in the area around the PokeStop where they are being placed for about 90 minutes. Though it may sound weak, Pokémon in an actual sense is scarcer than you can imagine. Luring is one strong tool that you really have to see in order to believe.

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