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How to Win Followers in Instagram: A Guide to Your First 1k Followers

Most people are aware of the fact that Instagram is a growing social network service that creates a platform for business and individuals to expand their brand. Most especially for businesses, it is more like a means of humanizing your brand, displaying your product and company culture, future workforce recruitment, generating new business ideas and model and delighting your customers. However, the clause is that not unless you are popular on the platform, it is quite difficult to ganhar seguidores no Instagram without putting in some serious effort.

For the average business or individual, to grow your followers will require time and undivided attention daily. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to have at least 1,000 followers to your professional or personal Instagram account. The issue is that you have to have knowledge on where to invest your efforts and your time – curating great content, customizing your profile, using hashtags, writing brilliant copy and collaborating with influencers and fans to have engagements incentivized.

Let us go through the how to gain your first 1,000 Instagram followers model, which spans from creating a profile that is worthy to be followed to using campaigns and contests to stay loyal to your brand.

  • Create and optimize your profile.

One of the first things demanded from is customizing your Instagram profile and making it representing your brand the best possible way. Describe the kind of person or perhaps what kind of business you run to your followers, and give them reasons why following you is necessary.

How? You can begin by choosing a username that is easy to remember and is searchable without making mistakes. If perchance your username choice has been taken, you can incorporate your business name into the variety of username ideas so that people searching for your business will find you easily without no hassle at all.

  • Brush up on your photography and editing skills.

Post quality is one important factor on Instagram. Twitter followers might tender mercy for bad tweets but otherwise is the case for Instagram followers; they are particular about having quality posts on their timeline. You do not necessarily have to take a photography crash course in order to post content on Instagram the right way.

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