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Using Your Beard Balm for Amazing Results

Regardless of how rugged and gruff you think you’re, every man has to condition their beard hair and moisturize their skin with a beard balm regularly. For a guide on how best to do this, check the Primitive Outpost website.

Bead balm provides the appropriate solution, not just supporting you to grow a gnarly beard but it could be employed for so much more. The use of a beard balm on a daily basis can soften your beard, keep your beard hairs in place, treat dandruff and moisturize your skin.

The Benefits of Beard Balm

Our skin produces natural oils referred to as sebum in a bid to keep it naturally moisturized. When your skin produces a lot of sebum, you get oily skin and acne. However, when you have a beard, the hair turns into a bit of a sebum hog, leading to the surrounding skin to become itchy, flakey, and dry.

When you have a beard, your sebaceous glands require help to prevent your skin from drying out. That is where beard balm could help – using a combination of butter and hydrating oils, the balm improves the skin, letting you grow your beard as wild and long as you would like without any of the infuriating side effects.

A balm for the beard is a product that nourishes and repairs hair, as well as protecting it from the external factors to which bearded people are exposed.

The balm helps to neaten the beard by means of a light fixation and also improves its appearance. It fulfils the function of oil and a wax, although to a lesser degree, since beard wax has a greater fixing power. The balm is ideal for long beards and has a repairing effect on the hair, unlike the oil that provides its greatest benefits in moisturizing the skin.

If your beard requires intensive care or if you have decided from today to start caring for your beard to promote healthy growth, this is the specific product you should look for.

The first step is to wash your beard with a specific soap. The goal is to wash the skin under the beard, and remove all the dirt particles that may have accumulated throughout the day, or at night. That is why it is important that you do a gentle massage on your beard when applying the soap so that it penetrates in all corners.

Use a towel to dry your beard and remove all moisture. Do it with care, wet hair is more delicate than dry, so to dry with the towel you have to do it gently. If you need it, you can finish the drying with a dryer at medium temperature.

The beard balm helps you to stylize and shape your beard while conditioning it. A good balm for the beard should hydrate your facial hair, nourish the hair follicle by capillarization, provide a certain fixation so that you can stylize it, and give a thick appearance to your beard.

The regularity of using the balm depends on the length of your beard and the basic needs of each person depending on the needs of your skin and beard. You should experiment more often to see just how much you should use the beard balm.

The balm should be applied with your hands. To do this, take a little product in a palm and rub your hands vigorously with circular movements to “heat” the balm and facilitate its spread.

Keep in mind that the balm has a harder consistency than oil, so you should run a little more to distribute it on the palms and then proceed to apply it on the beard. The amount to apply will vary depending on the length and size of your beard, but only a small portion is enough, bearing in mind that you can always repeat the operation but not remove the surplus.

Distribute the product evenly on your beard, in the direction of hair growth to cover the hair superficially, then the fingers will help you spread the balm to penetrate better.

Finally, brush your beard so it looks neat and to mold it into the shape you prefer. After these steps, which will not have taken more than 1 minute will have your beard protected, repaired, sculpted, with a very pleasant fragrance, ready to go out into the world.

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