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Electrician Tool Belt: Why it is Important to the Modern Day Electrician

It is important for a professional electrician that puts safety first to get hold of the Electrician tool belt. Majority of the electricians that at one point has held a plier or screwdriver know how it is essential to have the ideal tool in an electrician tool belt at the right time. In an event that you are already up on a ladder and you want to cut a wire, but eventually realize that your wire cutter is missing, then it is too late.

At this point, so many thoughts will come to your head, you will recall using it at probably the basement thinking you placed it right back into the toolbox but rather you most definitely left on the table you placed the cable and you ended up forgetting about it. You did nothing but assumed that you placed it right back into the box, but it is clear to us what assume implies.

An electrician tool belt was designed to assist us with carrying all the tools that are needed safely. Many pockets on the tool belt that are noticeable, thus making it is easy to reach your tools. It is without a doubt that the timeworn steel box has long passed. Tradesmen are up to date with the recent webbing belts that are not designed to assist you with carrying your tools but also to assist you will carrying out a job safely.

When you are up on a ladder, on a roof or simply have to move constantly with the tools at your disposal, being equipped with a tool belt will make your life much easier. It is a really useful accessory for many trades, jobs and even to take care of small domestic tasks. Having the tools you need around your waist can help you save a lot of trips up and down and will allow you to have your hands free at all times and with the tools always stored.

However, not any belt is useful. We have to make sure that it fulfils its function correctly and that it is comfortable and practical for us. If the tools are not fastened properly or the belt does not fit our waist as it should, it can be more annoying than practical. That is why we are going to show you a selection of the best tool belts we have found that will allow you to work faster, better and safer.

Before deciding on the one you can read these tips on how to organize your belt that may help you choose one or the other.

Tools for the dominant hand

It is advisable to have the tools for the dominant hand kept next to it. These tools are responsible for the main tasks such as hammer, pliers or cutting tools. That is, if you are right-handed, make sure that the pocket intended to store your hammer is on the right.

This would be your other hand and the tools that we advise you to keep in your same side are the screws, nails, rulers, chisels, punches The dominant hand is the orchestra director of the operation while your helper’s hand responds by wearing the appropriate screw or the necessary accessory instantly to the function.

Protect your back

If you are going to carry many tools and very heavy for a long period of time, try to distribute the same weight on both sides to avoid overloading one side of your back and to favour your balance. That’s if you decide for a double belt.

You should also know that there are several types of belts and each, like everything in this life, has its advantages and disadvantages. They can be classified according to their different characteristics: size, number of pockets … but the most significant feature is the material.

Selecting one of these materials is a personal decision. You have to consider what is more comfortable for you, what kind of tools you are going to transport and in what conditions it will be used. Seeing this summary table you can get an idea and weigh what type of belt is going to offer you the best results.

Buying a tool belt, especially if you are an electrician is of huge importance. You must never make the decision of buying a tool belt lightly. This is because a tool belt serves so many uses. And you would not be able to do your job properly if you do not have the right belt on you.

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