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Laboratories – Zahnarzt Planet

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Modern dental laboratories serve as a crucial tool for dentists around the world. Without them, the raw materials used by specialists to fix people teethes problems, would not be available and found on the market.
In order to proceed with the latest technologies in terms of dental construction and rehabilitation, most reputable clinics created and developed their own laboratory as for the fact that commands and requests are much easier processed within the company.
As it aims on becoming the top dental clinic in Germany, Zahnarzt Planet lined up with the biggest companies in this domain, and developed their own dental laboratory, in order to succeed processing all client requests.

The main products created inside this laboratory are listed below:
• Implants
• Artificial Teethes
• Removable Devices
• Orthodontics
• Crowns & Bridges
• Mouth Guards
• Splints
• Anti-Snoring Devices

Dental Care Team

Dental technicians are becoming more and more appreciated inside our current society context. Even though there are not many people that are brave enough to take an adventure into this yet unknown field, more and more universities and colleges are developing special departments where young and eager students get to learn the skills required to perform this extraordinary activity.

With modern technology increasing in power and inventions, the number of requests addressed to dental laboratories is higher and higher as years are passing by. While most laboratories are employing an average number of 10 dental technicians, it is highly recommended that the number of specialist should overcome this limit in order to cover the whole range of requested devices, as many of them are specialized just in a particular type of prosthesis (crown and bridges, orthodontics etc.).
Job Advantages

Self-learning: Because of the limited number of dental technicians in a particular laboratory, often young employees encounter the joy of starting a project from scratch and finishing it without any close supervision.

Security: This kind of job is probably one of the most stable one due to the fact that services provided by dental specialists will always be needed. Important advances have been made in the field of dental and speech mechanics and a very important role are the artificial devices created by dental laboratories.

Flexibility: While senior dental technicians are highly encouraged to continue performing their activity, young and eager to learn students and graduates are welcomed to a dental laboratory. In order to increase their interest on this domain, many advantages, such as free courses participations and flexible working hours, have been introduced into the business plan of major dental devices facilities.

Personal joy: As a dental technician, there is no doubt self-esteem and satisfactions of helping an injured person are top priorities. Creating devices that may save a person’s life is a personal fulfillment that not many employees get to be used with and this fact should be for a huge moral importance in deciding performing in this specific domain.